The Central Texas wildfires have truly been a tragedy for not only families and homes, but for many animals and rescue groups. In just two days fosters have lost their homes, volunteers have had to evacuate, and over $600 in supplies have been lost. We are doing our best to find temporary fosters for all of the animals in our program.

We have placed many of our barn cats on property/homes in Bastrop. It is overwhelming and heartbreaking to think of the cats we once cared for in the mess of all the fires.

The community has really come together to help each other out. Despite the bad news of many of our barn cats and foster homes, we have had amazing volunteers pass around a positive spirit and step up to help us continue. They have gone above and beyond what we have asked.

We need help to continue recovering our losses. We are currently in dire need of more foster homes. We have a pair of pregnant sisters who were evacuated from their foster home. They are very bonded and no more than 10 pounds each. They were frightened and shaking when we picked them up yesterday, traumatized from the panic and quick evacuations that had to take place. They currently have a temporary foster in San Antonio caring for them, but we have to find a new permante foster for them ASAP. These poor pregnant sisters just need a peaceful place to finally relax and continue their pregnancy. Foster homes are also needed for puppies in our group. We where in the process of pulling dogs from the euthanasia list at ACS. Most of these foster homes are now unable to take them in. We have found foster homes for all of our kittens and cats.

In addition to foster homes, we need help replacing the supplies lost. We are a small rescue group that is limited on resources, so when we lose supplies and foster homes it drastically affects the amount of cats and dogs we can save in the future. We lost multiple kennels from our barn placements, automatic feeders, pet fountains, pet food, and medical supplies. Any donations of supplies or funds is greatly appreciated. We want to send our prayers out to all of the families and animals effected by the wildfires. We are also offering discounted adoption donations for our cats and dog this week. Our cats and kitten donations will be 50% off and our dog adoption donations will be $100 in hopes to clear space for more foster animals. We hope to be back on our feet as soon as possible so that we can continue saving lives and finding our deserving animals forever homes.

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