My girlfriend and I recently adopted 2 1/2 month old Terrier mix Chomper (previously known as Peeta) from Pawsative Karma Rescue. The entire process was a great experience, my mom lives in Texas and does a lot of helping with other rescues and posts pictures of animals that need to be rescued when one of her posts listed another puppy we looked into all of the pets available for adoption. Our initial interest was adopted out earlier that day, so without hesitation we quickly took interest in him. Living in Florida we thought it would be impossible to adopt a puppy all the way from Texas.

After hearing such good news that the out of state adoption was in fact possible we quickly fell in love with him that much more. Between working with my mom, Tabitha, Nicole the foster mom and Patty the volunteer that allowed him to travel with her family on their vacation to Florida he came to his new home within 2 short weeks. We can’t say thank you enough for all of the help we received to make our adoption process possible.

Traveling From Texas…
Chomper now has two moms that love him very much and a cat sister Littlefoot. Although, Littlefoot is still not sure why he wants to always play with her they are becoming great friends. Chomper has more toys that he knows what to do with and is learning good manners like potty training, sit, stay, and go in his “house” for bed. Chomper LOVES going to the dog park to play with all the big dogs, along with stealing every ones attention as he passes by stopping to be rubbed and admired; He’s so cute, he likes to run with the big dogs huh? how old is he? What kind of puppy is he? We can proudly say that he is a rescue puppy all the way from Texas. We could not be any happier with him and can’t imagine our daily routines without him.

Thank you again,

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