Sweet Pea is an adorable torbie kitty who has gone through a lot of obstacles in her short life.

First Obstacle: Animal Control was called to come pick up Sweet Pea because she was abandoned in a apartment in Arlington, Tx when her owners moved. She was in poor health when Animal Control came to pick her up and she had a baseball sized tumor attached to her neck. Animal Control took her to the local shelter and immediately put on the euthanasia list because of her health and tumor. We (Pawsitive Karma Rescue) agreed to take her in and immediately started to raise funds for the surgery. We were up for the challenge of the surgery and for the amount of time she would have to recover after.

Second Obstacle: A day before we were due to pull her from the shelter, Sweet Pea tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV). FeLV is a retrovirus that affects the immune system. This caused a new whole level of complications. After much debate, we still agreed to still take Sweet Pea into our rescue any cat full of personality and love, like Sweet Pea, is worth it. We couldn’t see her die in a shelter.

One month later, Sweet Pea had a very successful surgery and her tumor was officially removed! She has healed nicely since and has no scar or sign of her past. She is extremely healthy and full of energy!

Sweet Pea can still live a happy and normal life even thought she has FeLV. Sweet Pea’s immune system has been very strong since we’ve had her and we predict she will have a very long life ahead of her. Sweet Pea is searching for a home where she can be the only cat or with other FeLV+ cats. She loves ALL types of animals, even dogs! She is the sweetest cat in our program and deserves a wonderful life. Sweet Pea is around 11 months old and is VERY playful. She loves to run around and chase feather wands. Nothing screams a good time like bird watching! Sweet Pea’s favorite hobby is to look out the window at the neighborhood and meow at the passing birds and people. Our favorite habbit of Sweet Pea’s is when she “plays dead” when she is in trouble. If she gets into something she is not suppose to, and her foster mom gets a stern voice, she then rolls over on her back with her back legs stretched out and is very still until her foster mom pets her.

Sweet Pea absolutely loves everyone, and rolls around for attention and love. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a companion!

Sweet Pea even has her own Facebook Page!


Interested in making Sweet Pea part of your family? Go to www.pawsitivekarmarescue.com for more info! Facebook.com/pawsitivekarmarescue

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