My son renamed him Mango and he and Mango are already true buddies. The second night he was with us, when we checked on the boys before we went to bed, we found Mango sleeping on Kristopher’s back. They have a wonderful time together.

Just about the only time Mango stops purring is when he’s trying to figure out our dogs. Each day it gets better, but he certainly doesn’t love the dogs yet. He’s already got a favorite chair to perch in and he enjoys resting on the window sills and trying to figure out how to get into our bird cages.

He’s brought a lot of joy into our family already. We’re currently laying a new floor in the majority of our house and Mango just hangs out with us and supervises to make sure we’re measuring correctly. It’s amazing how easy going he is and with all the changes that have been thrown at him in the last several days, he really just takes things as they come. We couldn’t be more pleased.

I also can’t say enough good things about his foster mom. She was so wonderful to work with and patient with me as I went through the adoption process. She truly cares about what she does for her kitties (fosters and her own) and it really shows.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt through your group. I was so happy to find your group when we started thinking about adding a kitty to our family.

UPDATE: I’m incredibly happy to report that the dogs and Mango are doing well together. He swats at them when he’s had enough of their sniffing and they listen to him right away.

Tara Dickison
Tara and her family adopted Mango, formerly Shere Khan, from Pawsitive Karma Rescue in December of 2012

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