And the pictures that Y.E.S. Photography takes for the hundreds of adoptable Pawsitive Karma Rescue animals in Austin tell stories. They reveal personalities, histories, hopes and dreams. Yaz Uresti, the main photographer, donates incredible amounts of time and talent capturing the perfect image to tell each waiting pet’s story. In addition to her family-owned photography business, Yaz takes time out from her busy schedule to come take professional photos of our many, many rescued pets. There are times that there are 150+ animals in our foster homes and Yaz travels to meet and photograph each one. She does it in the hopes that a professional picture will grab onto a prospective owner’s heart and get that sweet animal a home faster. Well it works! Our adoptions have increased significantly since we have been able to provide quality images of waiting dogs and cats. We, the animals, and their new families owe Y.E.S. Photography a HUGE thank you for volunteering her amazing services to our cause!

But why, you ask, would professional photos of rescue animals increase adoptions? Because it takes these furry prisoners out from behind bars and places them front and center, giving them the opportunity to share their story with the camera. In a professional picture, these dogs and cats go from being just another furry face in a kennel to someone’s potential best friend. They become captivating and endearing. A playful pose might help you to visualize playing with your new friend. A mischievous dog grin can make you smile to yourself and see them grinning up at you in your own home. A fuzzy feline snuggled down makes you think of having a cuddle buddy for yourself. Potential adopters want to envision the animal that they are interested in as part of their family. And this vision is what gets our furry friends adopted.

Pawsitive Karma Rescue is working with Y.E.S. Photography to combine the best of both worlds this Saturday, December 3rd, with a holiday fund-raising event. Both organizations will be at the Petco on 41st Street in Austin from 12 -5 pm. Families will be able to join their photogenic pet in a photo session just in time for the holidays! Y.E.S. Photography will be donating a portion of the profits to the Pawsitive Karma Rescue medical fund. This fund helps us keep doing what we do and rescuing animals in need of good homes. Who wouldn’t want a picture of their COMPLETE family, fur baby included? Plus, everyone gets a free 8×10! Pawsitive Karma Rescue will also have their fabulous fosters poised and ready to greet potential adopters at this awesome event.

So bring your love for animals and your family (and possibly a travel crate) to meet our wonderful waiting dogs and cats because after all:

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