Having grown up with cats around, I have always loved them. I used to have an awesome tux male kitty named Bently Sir Sockems. My roommate, her 9yr old son and I moved to Waxahachie for a job opportunity but after 6 months it just wasn’t working out for me. Deciding to move back to Austin was a difficult transition and it was hard enough for the little boy that I was leaving so I just couldn’t bear to take our kitty with me. Munchkin at 8 weeks old, before we rescued him from Arlington Animal Services Munchkin at 8 weeks old, before PKR rescued him from Arlington Animal Services Back home now for almost 2 years, my career has continued to improve but it just wasn’t the same without a little fuzzy friend to greet me after a hard day at work. So I decided that I was ready to adopt. Money was good, home life was stable…now it’s time to find my furrever friend. I started out on Craigslist and was a bit overwhelmed with my options. This is going to take some research. Different adoption agencies had different requirements and each one led me to learning something new. Especially about pet care and feeding! Absolutely mortified after reading articles about different cat foods, I was shocked to learn what garbage I had been feeding my kitties in the past. Pawsitive Karma pointed me towards brands like Blue Buffalo and Halo which was a huge relief after discarding so many other options I used to think were pretty good. Weeks I spent reading about foods, cat towers, interactive toys and various vet clinics in my area. All in all I was feeling pretty confident in my care giving skills. So far, though, I hadn’t found the kitten for me. I’ve always heard that when you find the perfect pet you will know right away, so with that in the back of my mind I kept looking. After meeting 34 other kitties (no exaggeration here) I set up an appointment to meet 2 kittens and their foster mom. The first was cute but didn’t want anything to do with me. *sigh* Lets go meet the other one. The foster mom hands me some gloves as this poor kitty was recovering from ringworm. No big deal…he was recovering nicely. Unfortunately for him this required solitary confinement in the bathroom so it didn’t spread. My first thought was that this might actually work out as I live alone with no other pets so maybe he will be less likely to get depressed when I am at work. The moment I saw this kitten I knew, this is my little Zedd. He was so excited when I came in and was immediately rubbing on my leg and meowing for attention. I’m not really sure how long that first visit was as once we started playing it just didn’t matter. The foster mom was more than happy to give me as much time as I wanted getting to know this kitty. It was time to get moving though and he looked so disappointed. My first thought was, “how do I respectfully cancel the other two meet & greets I have scheduled this week?” The adoption process was swift and easy to complete. The only thing I was waiting for was his vet appointment for neutering and getting him cleared to take home. Perfect! This gives me plenty of time to stock up on food, litter, toys and anything else I may need so his home will be ready. When I went back to pick him up and he saw me I swear I could hear him thinking “Yay! She came back!” We get to my apartment and I introduce him to his new home. After a brief inspection of rooms, furniture and cat tower, little Zedd looked up at me and meowed. I sat on the floor, toy in hand, but he just climbed in my lap and started purring. Yes, this was the one. Zedd has lived with me for little over a week now but it seems like we have always been together. Wherever I am is where he wants to be. Currently he is sitting on my computer desk watching the curser move with great interest. He sleeps with me every night and is waiting at the door when I come home from work just like I was hoping for. Pawsitive Karma helped find the perfect match for me and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Pawsitive Karma! Thank you so much! If I decide to adopt a second cat in the future I know where to go. Rachel Ross Rachel adopted Zedd, formerly Munchkin, from Pawsitive Karma Rescue in February of 2013. Munchkin was rescued off of the euthanasia list, by PKR, at Arlington Animal Services.

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