Midge was adopted a year and a half ago and is awesome. But Midge needs a new home. Midge and her dog sister do not get along (to the point that they cannot be in the same room together). I love Midge and do not want to let her go, but the situation is no longer workable. She has recently been through a two-week intensive training program, and is obedient and ready for her new owner(s). She will make an amazing pet for a lucky person or family; please consider adopting her or passing her information along to your friends, family, and coworkers.

Midge’s Story

Midge is mixed-breed, 35-40 lbs, and is roughly two years old. She was pregnant when she came home from the shelter and gave birth to a healthy litter of nine puppies on the 4th of July, 2013. She was a wonderful mother for the first eight weeks of her puppies’ lives, but they all found their own homes. Midge has since been fixed, so no more puppies for her.

Midge is a Lover

Midge is loyal to her humans and wants to please. She does not like being yelled at and tries her best to understand what is expected of her. She is house-broken, and knows to do her business either in the yard or on a walk. She is crate-trained, knows how to sit, and won’t touch her food until you tell her it’s okay. She is very food motivated, which makes training her straightforward. She will be your best friend for a treat and a pat on the head.

On that note, Midge wants nothing more than to love and be loved. If you’re looking for a dog that will be overjoyed to see you when you get home from work, this is the dog for you. She is an excellent snuggler, and wants to sleep close to you all night. She listens when you tell her to get off the bed and will let you have the bed to yourself if you ask.

Midge Plays and Midge Chills

Midge can be a couch potato when it’s down time, but is generally a pretty high-energy kind of girl. If you want a running partner, she’s excellent. She likes to play tug-of-war but is just as happy chewing on a bone. She’ll destroy a stuffed toy (and love every minute of it) but has never destroyed any shoes, furniture, or the like.

In short, Midge is a kind-hearted, loving, good dog. So why does Midge need a new home?


What’s the deal?

Before Midge came into my life, we suspect she was used as a bait dog for a fighting operation. This terrible upbringing has not affected her love of people, and I have never seen her show even the slightest aggression towards a human. Such a terrible early life has affected how she interacts with some dogs though. We have tried to be a happy family for the past year and a half, but the other dog in my house has made that an impossibility. Midge is doing well with other dogs, but unfortunately will never do well with this one.


Midge is Trained and Socialized

I suspected that Midge had a dog-aggression problem, and placed her in a two-week intensive training and socialization program with the wonderful folks at Consummate K-9 Training. After the initial evaluation, I learned that Midge does not have a dog-aggression problem – the issue is that she was absolutely terrified of other dogs. Midge spent two weeks being socialized with others, and is doing GREAT! Just look at her play in the videos below. She is learning that most dogs are not a threat and that there is no need to be scared. Midge has also learned all of the basic obedience commands, including sit, down, stay, and come. Consummate K-9 has on-going training, and would like to work with the lucky person or family that takes Midge home.

While Midge is doing great with other dogs, she would probably be happiest in a home without other animals where she can be the center of attention. The folks at Consummate K-9 feel that she could do well in a home with a stable male dog. However, she cannot be homed with a female of any breed, or a pitbull/pit-mix of any sex. She will do great on a run around Town Lake, but should not be let off leash in a dog park. She is not good with cats.


As far as kids go, I have no reason to think she would view a child any differently than an adult, but I’ve never seen her with children. She is well-behaved and incredibly loving, but she is also very strong. I’ve seen her show aggression towards dogs, and because of that I would caution that she should go to a home without small children (purely out of an abundance of caution).

A New Chapter

Midge is a great dog, and will make a great companion. It breaks my heart to say goodbye to her, but she will be happier with a new family that can give her the love and attention she needs. Midge lives in Austin, TX.

Adopt your new best friend and fill both your life and Midge’s life with happiness.

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A very special thank you to Dave and Lisa of Consummate K-9 Training! I can’t recommend them highly enough, and hope that you contact them if you ever have any dog training needs. They are available at 512-376-DOGS (3647) or online at http://www.consummatek-9training.com/.

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Written by Matthew Heagerty

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