Like her namesake, Lotus is lovely, loves water, and blossomed from the “mud!”
(Rescued from a high-kill shelter after being dumped by her owner shortly after Christmas.)

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And now, this stunning, survivalist, water flower is available to adopt through Pawsitive Karma Rescue!

Lotus is full of purrrrsonality – always wide-eyed and capricious. She’s little (7-8 pounds, fully-grown), about a year old, charmingly melts very sweetly into your chest when held in a hug – for however long – and likes to be held in your lap and have her face rubbed. Not a loud-mouth, but she sometimes meows to you for reassurance and attention. Lotus does prefer to sleep in the bed with you – usually near the foot of the bed, and sometimes cuddles. Not a hider.

Lotus *loves* perching up high – like on the fridge, on stairs, or up in the closet. It takes her awhile to settle in and get used to other animals, but once she does, she coexists very well (even with occasional disagreements, as anyone might have from time to time). Lotus appreciates a like-minded cat role model. Watching and following them around when they play.

She would do well in a moderately busy home (with gentle acclimation), because she is so curious and likes the entertainment of others being around, doing their thing. People are great, respectful dogs are fine, cats are okay. She’s successfully lived with all of the above, simultaneously.

Lotus has never “messed” outside the litterbox, and does not claw furniture, and is not a door-darter. She tolerates nail-trimming. Enjoys using a good scratching post, or cardboard floor scratchy board, and playing in/around a damp bathtub (has even fallen in a full one, and just stood there a few seconds looking confused before hopping out). A tall, centrally-located cat tree with a scratching post built in would be her heaven!

If this sounds like your little gal pal, she’s fully-vetted/spayed/microchipped, has been kept on a healthy diet in a loving foster home, was saved from a high-kill shelter in south Texas, and is available to adopt for an adoption donation of $50 from Pawsitive Karma Rescue!


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Animal ID: A40650996

Species: Cat

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 6 months

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Color: Shorthair – White/Black


Declawed: No

Location: Foster Home Austin, Tx

Stage: Available

Adoption Price: $100.00

Help Lotus Find A Home

You can help Lotus find a forever home. Please share her story with friends on social media. The more animals we find homes for means more animals we can save. All PKR adoptions include spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, dewormer, flea/tick and heartworm preventative, combo test, 30 days of free pet insurance, and guarantee your pet has had a high-quality diet and vitamins as long as it has been in our program. Adoptions include 1 bag of Precious Cat “Cat Attract” Litter. *While supplies last* To start the adoption process, fill out the cat adoption questionnaire. Feel free to email with any questions you may have! Adopt@PawsitiveKarmaRescue.org


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