I decided I wanted another Maine Coon mix. For anyone without experience with this breed of cat, let me tell you the boys are crazy. They are gentle giants that play rough, but don’t leave marks. They get into everything, from cabinets to your bath. Mine jumps from the floor into my arms just because he wants to. They are the most active cats I have been around and they fit the way my mind works..constantly on the go.

Having a youngish one I decided he needed a playmate plus I just adore their crazy natures and constant motion. So I set out on a quest to find the perfect brother for him. I ran across a posting about a black Maine Coon mix, I knew this was one I had to meet in the hopes this was the crazy guy I was looking for. Instead I found a Persian/Coon mix that was extremely sweet and calm. Not what I was looking for at all. Based on looks alone this cat could have tons of people lining up for him so I knew he would find a home, he is that gorgeous. The problem is he stole my heart and did something for me that no one, animal or human, ever could. He calmed me and settled my mind down! It was unbelievable.

There was such a feeling of peace when I was petting him that it scared me. What was worse was the intense feeling of déjà vu I had while standing in the foster mom’s house, trying to focus and give the best first impression I could. I knew this cat was meant to be with me. What I didn’t know was he needed me almost as much as I needed him. See, Smokey had gotten hurt which is probably why they were able to pick him up and take him in. Pawsitive Karma Rescue took care of it all of course, so by the time I met him he was almost out of the cast and the infection was clearing up.

Within a couple weeks of bringing him home the infection came back. I took him to our doc and yes, the infection is back and it appears that he didn’t just get away with a broken leg, but also some ligament damage. We get pets expecting to just love and play with them, we never plan on the worst, but yup the worst occasionally does happen. It is in those times that we show our true mettle, do we hope it goes away, do the minimum possible OR do we treat these creatures like the special beings they are and do everything in our power to help them? That’s a non-issue for me (and Pawsitive Karma). For the record though, these issues would NOT have been found when Pawsitive Karma was looking for and treating the broken leg and infection, nor could they have known that the infection would come back. Pawsitive Karma saved him when others might not have. I am thankful everyday for the time, energy and effort everyone put in to uniting him with me. What they have done is priceless to me. They took a cat that initially others might overlook and healed him, loved him and united him with me. They saved Smokey for me. If it hadn’t been for them I would not have found him and would not have my own little walking (okay limping right now) oasis of serenity.

Currently, by his choice he still stays in his room (aka the study), his infection is clearing up but he’s still not wanting to put weight on his leg. He is a talker and chirrups at the other cats and loves playing with Lucifur. He’s not sure about the dogs, but is starting to understand they won’t mess with him. Once the infection is cleared up we will go to an ortho doc to determine the next step. I’m praying for his sake that it will just be a splint for a while and not surgery. No matter what they say though, we will do what needs to be done. I plan on 20+ years of loving him and getting to have him around to settle my mind. To pay him back he gets 20+ years of love, great food and someone that caters to his every whim.

Some would say that he is lucky to have found me, I say I’m the lucky one. I found the most amazing rescue/foster group and while I didn’t find the cat I was looking for, I did find the cat I needed. I’m sure more updates will come for those interested in how Smokey (my little oasis of serenity) is doing.

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