Mango is a one of a kind type of cat. Not only is she unique because she is a orange female cat (most orange cats are male), but she has an absolute love for all people and life itself.

Mango was pulled from a home along with 85+ cats in Mesquite, Texas because of animal neglect. All of the cats were immediately on the euthanasia list at the Mesquite Animal Shelter because there was absolutely no room for them. The cats were stacked in crates throughout the hallways and rooms awaiting rescue. Mango was in poor health. She had ringworm, had bad ear mites, was extremely skinny and emaciated, and was covered in urine and feces. All rescues passed her up when evaluating cats.

PKR took her in on the day she was due to be euthanized along with Nadia, Curious George, Angelica, and Jack Sparrow.

When we took in Mango we then discovered that she was also front declawed. Most declawed cats have behavioral issues and can become aggressive in stressful situations. But then we were reminded that Mango is no ordinary cat! She has an extra pureness to her. She never showed aggression and came out of her carrier purring for her foster and kneading with her paws.

The most shocking thing for us to see was a “before” photo of Mango from when she first arrived in the care of the Mesquite owner. She was plump and healthy looking. To think that she has suffered and is now a, underweight cat who had to fight to stay alive is devastating. Mango’s care continues as we try to get her back to a regular weight. We have treated her for everything and are now just waiting for her to slowly gain her weight. It will take time, but we are here to get Mango back to her plump healthy self and in a forever home.

Mango’s vet bills are much more than our average rescue animal. Mango had to have tests and intensive care and continues to make routine vet visits. Any donation to Mango’s care is greatly appreciated and also helps us continue to save cats just like her. To sponsor Mango go to our “Sponsor A Pet” section of our website.

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