I guess it’s been a few months now since we adopted a dog named Fergie at Petco in Round Rock. I hope you remember her because you asked me to keep you posted.

My son wanted to change her name so she is now called Helga. She truly has found her forever home. My son is extremely attached to her as I hoped he’d be. He made her a little cave in his room where she sleeps and she is with him constantly. She has since graduated to sleeping in his bed.

Helga loves both of us. She gets up with me early every morning as I get the morning meal and outside duties with her.

She is a very loving and affectionate dog. She’s also proven to be a good watchdog. She has a ferocious bark but underneath all that she is pure mush. She makes friends with everyone very easily. People often comment on how pretty and cute she is.

Helga does get into some harmless mischief. She ate my complete lunch one day and also ate my son’s wallet. She is rarely crated but is getting better about that if we leave her for a while. She LOVES going for a walk almost every night and her walking has improved. She gets excited if she sees a rabbit. She likes to ride in the car and is getting pretty good at fetching. She is very strong and athletic.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you and let you know she is doing great with us. And thank you for everything you did to make her a better pet.

Henry Palmeter

Fergie was adopted from Pawsitive Karma Rescue as a puppy and subsequently abandoned when her family moved. We returned Fergie to our foster program but she came back to us with quite a few behavioral problems resulting from separation anxiety. It took lots of time and quite a bit of patience but Fergie, now Helga, finally found her true forever home. She was adopted from Pawsitive Karma Rescue in December of 2012. Fergie was part of the first dog family litter we pulled from the euthanasia list since starting our rescue.

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