Pawsitive Karma’s goal is to rescue the pets that have no other options or place to go. Abby is an example of a deserving kitty saved. At no more than 9 months old, Abby was abandoned at an apartment complex with no food or water source. Over time she became an apartment favorite and residents started leaving out scraps for her. But when spring started, Abby became pregnant.

Within days of taking her into our foster program, Abby delivered her kittens. Even though Abby is still young herself, she did wonderful with delivering and caring for her kittens. She delivered four beautiful and very healthy kittens in a safe foster home. Abby’s kittens are growing quickly and she is now looking for her forever home. It is Abby’s turn to find a home that will always care for her and not leave her abandoned, scared, and alone ever again. It is hard to think that a young cat has been through so much in her short life. But our goal here at PKR is to turn her life around again. She has been spoiled with lots of attention in her foster home and her favorite item is her pet fountain. But a foster home is still not her forever home. Abby is still looking for a forever home that will understand what she has gone through and provide her with a wonderful future life.

Thousands of animals just like Abby are abandoned daily by their owners with no looking back. This is why we do what we do. This is why we always strive to get our current animals in our program adopted so that we can save more cats just like Abby. Without last chance rescues, who could save these animals in mass numbers? Consider adopting a rescue pet, there are thousands upon thousands. It might seem like just one adopted doesn’t make a difference, but it does! That one cat adopted means another life will enter our program and also be saved. Plus it makes a world of difference to that one cat, like Abby, who has been searching for someone to love her for the rest of her life.

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