Almost exactly one year ago we adopted a puppy from PKR. Nubia, now Star, is quite the superstar! She is a sweet snuggler indoors and an athletic dynamo outdoors! She loves to run with me, jumps and swims like crazy, and she is a super frisbee player! Matt always wanted a frisbee dog and he worked with her, and this is now her favorite game! She goes crazy if you even say the word ‘frisbee.’ She is light and slender with really long legs so quite the jumper!

She is full grown at 45 pounds, she did not get huge, and we are quite satisfied with this because we take her with us on all kinds of activities, anywhere that allows dogs really. She loves the dog park and makes new friends all over Austin. She has also traveled with us to the mountains in Colorado, and the beach at South Padre Island! She is a bit reluctant to actually get in the car but once in, enjoys sticking her head out the window and sniffing everything we pass!

That’s about it. We just wanted to thank you again for picking out that mangy scrawny puppy from the shelter in San Antonio and seeing the potential she had to be the amazing rock ‘Star’ we love so much!!

Amber Roberts

Amber and Matt adopted Star, formerly Nubia, from Pawsitive Karma Rescue in February of 2012. Nubia was rescued from the euthanasia list, by PKR, at San Antonio’s Shelter.


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